Freelance Product Designer and Visual Director based in London. First year Computer Science at UCL. Can read and write.


Airtime Rewards

App Redesign. 2017.

Airtime Rewards

Airtime Rewards allows retailers, including the likes of Waitrose and Debenhams, to pay for your mobile bill on any network when you spend in-store. The team approached me in November 2017 to rethink their mobile experience on iOS and Android, with their previous user interface feeling outdated and in need of a face lift. The main aim here was to make the product feel memorable enough that users would be enticed to come back to the app to check on their balance and redeem rewards, but also retain the original quiet and functional character.

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By moving away from dark blues and greys towards pastel tones and bright highlights, the UI became lighter and more approachable. This friendly vibe was also carried through to the user flow - the process of 'cashing out', which applies your in-app balance to your next phone bill, was simplified to address some of the issues of the previous interface. The biggest change can be seen in the retailer section where a single feed of retail partners was replaced with a more dynamic home screen where the user can sort and filter through Airtime Reward's growing list of supported retailers.

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Branding. Visual Direction. Product. Landing. 2017.


Having secured funding Flyto was looking to rebrand into Wanderpay and position themselves as a major player in the travel finance sector, allowing travellers to spread out the cost of their travel expenses. I was tasked with creating a new identity and visual direction for the company which included the logo, brand guidelines, landing page and the product. The challenge here was to unite the b2b and b2c branches through common visual elements but change the voice / narrative accordingly, while also making the transition from a focus on flights [Flyto] to everything travel related [Wanderpay].

xray sketch
final icons

The final logo originated from Wanderpay's mission statement - to help people see the world. The meandering curves represent a sense of effortless discovery and spontaneity, something that comes hand in hand with the financial freedom that Wanderpay offers. The logo also hints at the letter 'w', therefore connecting the name of the brand with the meaning behind it. Scalability is a major strength of this mark as it remains sharp when scaled down and placed alongside PayPal, MasterCard and other payment providers in checkout flows on various travel sites.

illustrations illustrations

Crafted illustrations were favoured over stock photos to strengthen the brand and keep consistency across the landing page and product. Purple—green colour combinations became associated with b2b and purple—yellow with b2c.


See the landing page live on the Wanderpay site.


University Project. Article. Design. Development. 2017.

Intelligent Systems

Originally a Comp Sci team project at UCL, the Team 18 website tells a story of Intelligent Systems. I was in charge of the design and front-end side of things which gave me a nice opportunity to experiment with some new typography, illustration and development techniques.

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