“What do I do? Well, I’m not really a designer.
Wouldn’t call myself a developer either.
I kinda just build shit and see where that goes.”

- Rod Matveev / London / 2017

The Philosophy

I've always thought of building products as systemised problem solving. It's all about achieving a delicate balance between making something beautiful, making something easier and making something possible so naturally my favourite projects are those which involve putting the product first and really tackling key issues through creative thinking. I also believe that it's more valuable to have just the right blend of skills to build something people love at the simplest level than to be an expert in any single field of work.

Things I've worked on

So far in my early career I’ve designed, developed, launched and sold a travel app, worked as a UI designer on a content scheduling tool, built a new product during an iOS internship at a fantasy football startup and somehow ended up in winning teams at GSB 2015 (Caleche) and TechCrunch Disrupt 2016. Right now I'm working on Debrief, a Facebook Messenger chatbot that helps you look back on your week.

Where to find me

SoundCloud 🔥

Email me your best gif and I’ll reply asap.