Make your Sundays great again.

Save your favourite photos, articles, links and more during the week for a personalised Sunday debrief

person chat1


Thanks Emma, I'll add it to your photo collection for this week 😊



Shall I save this under Design Inspiration?


Yup 👍

It happens all the time

That super interesting productivity article that you save for later on Pocket, never to be seen again. Or that perfect photo of you and your friends from Friday night, lost in a sea of dog filter selfies in your camera roll.

Stuff everywhere

We're missing out on more quality content than ever before - the constant stream of photos, videos and links in our daily lives has made it difficult to enjoy the things that really matter.

The solution?

A chatbot assistant that helps you collect the most memorable things during the week for your personal Sunday debrief that can be viewed right inside Facebook Messenger. Best consumed first thing in the morning with your coffee ☕️

✈️ My trip to Paris


The Angelina Café has the best coffee in Paris ☕️ Make sure to check out the balcony on the third floor for a great view of the river!

Paris2 Paris2

A new debrief every Sunday

On Sunday our chatbot puts together a neat roundup of all the content that it receives during the week. This remains available for you to enjoy and digest on Messenger for the next 6 days until your next debrief.

Smart groups

Everything you send to the chatbot is automatically sorted into stories containing groups of content similar by subject, like productivity articles and gift ideas for a friend, or by time, like all photos from Thursday.

Clean & simple

Use Debrief to get away from the clutter of your social feeds, inboxes and camera rolls, and instead reflect on your week in a meaningful way.

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